Saving Energy

Did you know the average home pollutes more than the average car? The great news is that even small changes help. By conserving more energy - and using wisely the energy you do need - it's easy to reduce your impact.


Looking for good ideas? We always are too! That's why we invite our SC Johnson Blogger Panel members to share eco-friendly tips and activities here on the Green Choices Blog.


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Benefits of Carpooling

Whether you carpool to work or connect with other families to share driving duties to school or extra-curricular activities, you are saving both time and money by carpooling, but the benefits go beyond just savings...

Winter weather is on the horizon and energy costs are reaching record highs. However, there are a number of ways that you can keep your house warm without even touching the thermostat...

Tracking and Conserving Fuel Use

Sometimes I get excited about spreadsheets. I admit, it is a bit nerdy, but a spreadsheet can be a great resource if you’re trying to save money by conserving your fuel use...

HOV Lanes 101

Are you a solo commuter that watches with envy as the vehicles in the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane zip by you? Have you ever wondered how you can bypass the much slower, stop and go traffic? If so, I’ve got the information you need to help you gain access to the coveted carpool lane...

...Now that the weather is getting nicer here in Colorado, I decided we should put more of an effort to walk or bike to school. Since school is less than a mile away from our home, it would be a simple way to live a little bit greener on a daily basis...

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